Dietary supplements

In Brazil, the sector has reached an average growth of 20% in recent years. This market has already traded more than US$ 27.5 billion according to Euromonitor International, an American research agency, and is going through an important moment of improvement and expansion, in relation both to retail and industry.

Although the consumption of dietary supplements has increased in the country, very much still has to be done in favor of this important sector, which needs strategic and legal planning, sound policies of consumer orientation and communication, as well as adequate legislation, even compatible with the world market.

The legislation regulating the supplements sector is sparse, but a bill is currently in progress, the text of which has been reviewed and complemented by Menezes Advogados, which, if approved, will regulate the segment as a whole.

Menezes Advogados is a legal reference in the Supplements sector for advising large companies in the Market, as well as ABENUTRI (Brazilian Association of Nutrition Products Companies). In addition, the office has been working with ANVISA (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency) on regulatory issues, in combating harmful acts against serious companies and their respective brands, and in combating the degradation of this segment that brings together millions of consumers throughout Brazil.